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Jugal Kishore Purohit

Mr. Jugal Kishore PurohitAs the CEO, President and Chairman of Purohit Holdings, Mr. Jugal Kishore Purohit serves as Purohit Holdings' leader in assuring the company's strong commitment to the cities in which the organization invests. A graduate of the YMCA Institute of Technology, near New Delhi, India with Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mr.Purohit immigrated to the United States in 1983 after a successful tenure with Alcobex Metals, a leading brass and copper product manufacturer in India with annual sales exceeding $40 million . He launched his career in the United States as a mechanical engineer and plant manager for Air Balance Inc., a producer of electric fire dampers near Augusta, Georgia, where he supervised a team of over 200 employees and an annual turnover of approximately $20 million.

Mr. Purohit continued this job for many years until his entrepreneurial spirit and desire for financial independence inspired him to apply his high quality standards to mastering performance in the hotel industry. In the early 1990's, Mr. Purohit formed a predecessor to Purohit Holdings to serve as a value driving hospitality investment, operating, and development organization to invest family capital in the lodging industry. Mr. Purohit believes Purohit Holdings' success is predicated upon team members being united around our quality mission. To that end, Mr. Purohit believes that Purohit Holdings must continue to ensure the company provides performance incentives and personal growth opportunities for team members because loyal team members enable loyal guests.

Chandra Kala Purohit

Mrs. Chandra Kala PurohitAs the Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Purohit Holdings, Mrs. Chandra Kala Purohit serves as Purohit Holdings' principal in charge of the day to day hotel operations and assures the company maintains its strong commitment to providing our guest with a comfortable and satisfactory experience. Mrs. Purohit is a graduate of New Delhi University where she received a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Industrial Psychology. Prior to joining Purohit Holdings, Mrs. Purohit was a homemaker who raised her two sons. Since the formation of the predecessor to Purohit Holdings, Mrs. Purohit has served an invaluable role in directing the results and guidance of the increasing hotel portfolio, as well as actively seeking out new opportunities for the company to provide value-added services.

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