Charitable Efforts

Purohit Holdings is committed to giving back to the community. In particular, Purohit Holdings is an advocate and supporter of efforts to enhance the educational possibilities and life experience of the poor and the destitute.


» Purohit Holdings and its board members are founding sponsors-promoters of the Jai Narayan Vyas Mahila (P.G.) Mahavidhyalaya College in Jodhpur, one of two women-only colleges in the entire state of Rajasthan, India, which has worked to help underprivileged young women achieve college degrees.

» Additionally, Purohit Holdings and its board members are the founders of Arogaya Laboratory Center, a non-profit full service diagnostic health center in Rajasthan, India that provides free blood testing and medical evaluations to the destitute.

» Among various other charitable contributions in India, Purohit Holdings provides the following services to individuals in Jaipur and Jodhpur, Rajasthan:


» Jugal Purohit and his family have been major contributors and donors to the Hindu Temple of Augusta and are prominent donors to Columbia University, Emory University, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kids Network, and Childhood Cancer Organization.

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